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This page lists some of the anonymous comments submitted by the audience as feedback to the event host and subsequently shared with Kevin:

Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia - May 17, 2013

The following percentages show the results of the feedback received from our Membership during your presentation:

  • Excellent: 81%
  • Good: 19%
  • Fair: 0%
  • Poor: 0%

Written comments from Conference Surveys Included:

  • Wonderful speaker, really enjoyed his presentation and story.
  • Top-notch speaker!
  • Really enjoyed his presentation. Great closer!
  • Awesome speaker. I really enjoyed his presentation.
  • The colonel was entertaining and inspirational.
  • Great lessons to use in our business.
  • Exceptional!
  • Great presentation - One of the best I've heard.
  • What an experience! Really enjoyed his talk.
  • Need more like Kevin!
  • Absolutely super speaker!

Comments for Any Website or Speaker Promotions:

You are a top-notch speaker! Your presentation was enthusiastic and entertaining and your life experiences so inspiring. It was the perfect ending for our conference, and the valuable leadership lessons that we took home can really make a difference in any organization. We heard nothing but positive feedback from our Members, and you greatly contributed to the overall success of the conference. Thank you!

Rachel Reaid, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

(JPG copy of their original survey transmission: Survey Transmission)

SHRM National - Jun 25, 2012

Quality of information presented:

  • 4.4074 (Kevin)
  • 4.3050 (Average of all speakers sessions)

Rating of Speaker:

  • 4.5875 (Kevin)
  • 4.3978 (Average of all speakers sessions)

Session content matched program description:

  • 4.5216 (Kevin)
  • 4.3085 (Average of all speakers sessions)

Applicability to my professional development:

  • 4.3086 (Kevin)
  • 4.2439 (Average of all speakers sessions)

Applicability to my professional development:

  • 4.3086 (Kevin)
  • 4.2439 (Average of all speakers sessions)

Do you think the speaker was selling his/her products/services from the platform:

  • 4% yes (Kevin)
  • 7% yes (Average of all speakers sessions)


  • Riveting, fabulous - awesome!
  • Speaker was very enthusiastic about topic. Good sense of humor. Music at end of presentation was distracting. He was very motivational.
  • Great motivator! Awesome presentation.
  • Great job!! Very inspiring!
  • This was a fantastic starter.
  • Good a bit general. I was looking for something new and this was very much stuff I had heard before.
  • Thank you sir for your service to our country.
  • The Colonel's story was very relevant to business. Very good presentation - content & style.
  • Good to see a messenger who embodies his message - "The medium was the message". Thank you.
  • Great connection from his story to the presentation delivered.
  • Speaker was very energetic and gave some great stories to reinforce his principles. Bring him back.
  • What a great speaker! Passionate about his topic, wonderful stories. Really enjoyed his presentation. Life lessons and work lessons that I will take back to my company.
  • He was very good. Good life lessons to keep in mind.
  • Great life lessons/skills that we often forget.
  • Thank you Kevin!
  • Col. Sweeney was one of the best presenters SHRM has ever had. Excellent speaker with great information.
  • Very passionate about his speeches. Very good delivery & presentation.
  • Great way of explaining teams.
  • It was an honor to meet Col. Sweeney. Bring him back!
  • Engaging speaker. Outstanding, passionate & emotional. Thank you!
  • Very passionate! Loved this speaker wonderful message! Extremely moving! Bring him back!
  • Good motivational speaker, gave me some food for thought, willl go back and apply some of the principles to my own job and preparation for my big upcoming projects.
  • Outstanding!
  • Passionate guy - I believe he may have choked up at the end, selfless service to our country - we need more like him in our country.
  • Wonderful speaker! Content applied!
  • Did a nice job - really made me think! I am a good leader. He made me realize that. Great!
  • Very charismatic and passionate about his life's accomplishments. Very good orator and linear thnker. I wish he had talked more about the parallels between his military experience and civilian day-to-day struggles. His story was inspiring and entertaining. He's funny too.
  • Very motivational!
  • Excellent.
  • Great - personal/humorous.
  • Little content presented. Too much about him and his accomplishments.
  • From where I was sitting - the music was distracting and couldn't hear the closing speech.
  • Awesome presentations!!
  • Very inspirational, honest.
  • Best speaker in 13 years I've been coming! Thank you.
  • Good basic ideas for performing under pressure.
  • Great information I can use on a daily basis. He was a great speaker.

(JPG copies of original survey pages: One, Two, Three, Four)

KRPA Conference and Trade Show - Jan 25, 2012


  • Excellent – 79
  • Good – 14
  • Fair –
  • Poor –

Overall satisfaction:

  • Excellent – 90
  • Good – 3
  • Fair –
  • Poor –

Session content matched program description:

  • Excellent – 83
  • Good – 9
  • Fair –
  • Poor –

Facilities were satisfactory:

  • Excellent – 81
  • Good – 10
  • Fair –
  • Poor –

Session met my expectations:

  • Excellent – 86
  • Good – 5
  • Fair –
  • Poor –


  • Room cold.
  • Great motivational speaker!
  • Great message about keeping life in perspective and to do one's best!
  • Too cold in this room!
  • Cold.
  • Good speaker.
  • He was awesome – great message.
  • Awesome job...extremely moving.
  • Cold.
  • He was able to relate his story to others lives...thanks.
  • In 6 or 7 years of coming to KRPA this was by far the best speaker I have heard.
  • Great speaker!

SHRM National - June 28, 2011

Q: What did you learn at this session that you will apply to your practice?

  • Checklists
  • Yes. In fact, it will apply in most all aspects of LIFE!
  • Development of staff and support of leadership qualities.
  • Be prepared, work hard and plan effectively
  • Determination, never give up and focus.
  • Tools to maintain my focus and be successful under pressure
  • A great deal for not only work, but life! EXCELLENT SPEAKER AND PRESENTATION!
  • Wonderful, wonderful inspirational speaker!! I learned that when you are under pressure....learn
  • How to control and hopefully you come out ok.
  • Everything! This man was an amazing speaker!

Q: How could this session be improved?

  • Found this speaker very engaging.
  • Overall this was a very well balanced and presented session. Presenter is so unique and well spoken.
  • I don't think you could improve on this speaker.
  • Great as is.
  • Was good.

Misc coments:

  • Speaker gave excellent presentation. Presented good old basic tools for success. I could use his presentation professionally and personally. I hung on every word. Wish and hope there are more people like this gentleman. It was an honor to have him here.
  • Extraordinary!
  • Outstanding speaker!! I could really relate to his stories. The best speaker to date!!
  • This was a gift! Should be earlier in the day so more can hear.
  • Emotional part about teamwork. The real part about teamwork - heart and soul!
  • Great information and relevant to our lives and work.
  • Thank you Kevin. You put the passion I have shown in my department into perspective on why I can and continue to make a difference, through preparation.

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