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Kevin Sweeney speaking at Whites Chapel eventConversations With the Colonel

Conversations With the Colonel puts you and your team front and center, up close and personal with Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney, the author of the book Conversations with the Colonel: Lessons of Life, Leadership, and Wisdom. The Colonel will discuss with you an authentic, ethical and realistic view of the attributes needed for successful performance under pressure. The Colonel shares his extraordinary experiences across a wide and varied spectrum that few if anyone can match.

...Pressure Cooker Confidence   

How to Deliver Peak Performance when the Heat is On

Pressure Cooker Confidence enables you to say I can, I will, I expect, and I did it when the pressure is on. The Colonel's flagship presentation built around his dramatic life or death flight. Kevin will position you mentally in the cockpit with him to personally live through his incredible experience and challenge of having the two engines on his left wing come completely off his airplane while on a Desert Storm combat mission. As he introduces the five principles of Performance Under Pressure you will discover why the hard work you do before hand matters more than the work you do when the pressure is on.

Leadership in Challenging Times

True and effective leadership is not based upon rank or position. True and effective leadership is a critical and earned gift from the people you lead.

In this presentation Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney will show you how to:

  • Identify personal attributes of great leaders
  • Become the teammate that makes you a great leader
  • Discover integrity characteristics that great leaders demonstrate
  • Differentiate between good and great leaders -
    whether the leader is a C-level Executive or a 4-star-General

Leadership in Challenging Times is a thought provoking and insightful presentation from someone personally experienced in both military and corporate leadership traits.

Mission Accomplishment

An Interactive Breakout Session

In addition to his renowned keynotes, Kevin can moderate an interactive breakout session for your event in which the group explores the reasons why aircrews are so effective in their mission execution and mission performance no matter what happens. Aircrews seem to excel at their highest level when they are under pressure, delivering a very high mission success rate.

Kevin will answer the questions as to why aircrews are so effective and known for performing under pressure and why they respond to emergencies so well. The session will examine this performance model and understand how it can easily be applied to achieve noted professional and personal success that we all want.

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