Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney

The Return on Investment
of Performance Under Pressure

Kevin Sweeney speaking to the Wyoming General ContractorsWhether you attend one of Kevin's keynote addresses, participate in his workshop, attend his training or have Kevin facilitate a key meeting, your team will be in position to accelerate the business and realize concrete Return on Investment:

Concrete, Valuable ROI

Kevin's programs are energizing, inspiring sessions that deliver concrete value that continues long after the program has ended.

Kevin's programs enable each team member to develop a passionate belief in their mind that they truly believe

  • I can,
  • I will,
  • I expect, and
  • I did it!!

Kevin's presentations are motivational and inspirational. But they are much more.

Kevin enables individuals to reach peak performance --- not only in the daily routine, but in all pressure cooker environments. He helps leaders and their teams to:

  • Attain your Revenue and Profits goals and objectives earlier than you thought possible
  • Be Positioned to meet and overcome all challenges - pinnacle performance under pressure
  • Have the drive and determination to Compete at the highest level
  • Develop Personal Enthusiasm that drives you to excel time and time again under pressure
  • Have an unstoppable Laser Beam Focus in both your personal and professional life
  • Learn to deliver levels of Customer Service none of your competitors can compete with

How Do You Develop Performance Under Pressure?

Developing Performance Under Pressure involves five key areas:

  • Preparation
  • Passion
  • Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence

Within these five key areas, are six fundamental principles:

1. Unshakable Dedication
Sets you up to obtain your goals and objectives.

2. Adversity Preparation
Makes the routine easy and the impossible doable.

3. Targeted Enthusiasm
Sustains you through hurdles and complications.

4. Endorphin Payoffs
Create the personal thrill you seek.

5. Connected Intensity
Leads you to understand your clients' and customers' wants and needs.

6. Ignoring the Immaterial
Removes the mental clutter and allows you to focus on the critical factors for success.

Extreme Pressure into Calm Confidence

Kevin's programs will provide strategies how to turn extreme pressure into calm confidence.  

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