Early in my sales career I was a new account salesperson that sold central computers/ mainframes. The day before the system was scheduled for delivery, I would call the office manager and ask when might be a good time for me to show up the next day. My plan was to bring a cake to celebrate the delivery of the new computer system.

The client was always excited and gave me a time. Each installation was paired with cake and coffee with the company president, during which I’d look at him/her directly in the eye and say, “If you ever have a problem with this system and you feel like you are not getting the proper answers, you call me. I will make sure I get the system fixed for you.”

Here’s another time that I was able to have fun doing my job:


Although it was fun, bringing the cake gave me the opportunity to let the customer know that:

  • There was someone (me) who took responsibility for making their system work properly.
  • They could have a sense of security knowing I had the power in my company to take care of them.
  • They could rely on me to help them.

You would be surprised how much that statement and that cake helped my future sales not only within that company, but with friends of the president at other companies.

Are you focused on your next task before you even leave your customer’s office? Take a moment to reflect on the little things that other salespeople have done for you that stood out or cultivated loyalty on your part. How can you translate that to your own customers?

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