Author Kevin Sweeney

Performance Under Pressure

How to Lead When the Heat is On

Pressure Cooker Confidence takes you on a true story of a phenomenal military jet flight where the two engines on the left wing of the KC-135E tanker aircraft (military version of the Boeing 707 aircraft) come completely off the airplane. Without warning the crew is suddenly faced with this terrifying life-threatening emergency. How they react will determine their ability to survive this airborne crisis. The unforeseen crisis happens at night, at maximum gross weight, and on a Desert Storm combat sortie. The story takes you through the remarkable successful recovery of the airplane.

Conversations with The Colonel

Conversations with the Colonel is a series of vignettes on leadership, peak performance, team, change, sales, and life lessons. These lessons were learned by the ‘Colonel’ in his life experiences as a combat pilot, corporate executive, all conference collegiate athlete, and a proud grand pa.