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Kevin Sweeney 



What Kevin’s Clients Have to Say

“Kevin was superb and delivered way beyond expectations. Every member of the audience took away critical keys to success.”

Ed Barnes
Vice President National Sales
Helsinn Therapeutics

“You told my people exactly what I wanted them to hear…I knew your speech would be good, but your ending was above good!!”

Jim Goetz

“I want you to know that the final keynote at CBITS this year was by far the best I have ever heard!Talk about motivation! I was sitting on the front row and several times felt as if my mouth was wide open-he just ‘drew’ me into his presentation!!!”     

Diana Thompson
Business Development
CBITS attendee

If you’re looking for someone who embodies leadership, peak performance, accountability and knows what it takes to build a loyal and dynamic team, then you’ve found the right person in “The Colonel”.  Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney is a leader of men, both literally and figuratively.  As a key executive in a top 50 company, a military hero, and now an author and professional speaker.  The Colonel offers organizations and associations key insights to what it takes to lead when the pressure is on.  I highly recommend Kevin as a speaker, author, and consultant.  Bring him to speak at your event and your team will be inspired, encouraged, and motivated to deliver peak performance in all they do, even when times are tough!  It pays to have a “Conversation With the Colonel”. 

Robin Creasman 
Robin Creasman Productions

On behalf of the Air Force Academy’s Cadet Wing and the Center for Character Development, thank you for serving as a speaker during the Falcon Heritage Forum….The values you stand for are the same high ideals we strive to develop and internalize in all our cadets.  Please accept our heartfelt “Thank You!”  You have made a difference and inspired all who heard your words to strive for that greater good that lies within!

Susan Y. Desjardins 
Commandant of Cadets, Brigadier General 
United States Air Force Academy

The inspirational speaker was FABULOUS. Usually I am counting down the seconds until someone is finished in those kinds of things, but that guy was AMAZING. I wish my son could hear his story. WOW!!

Texas Government Finance Officers Association

I have been managing meetings and conventions for thirty years.  You are exceptional!!….. What impressed me the most about your presentation is how extremely well you connected with the individuals in the audience.  Your obvious strength of character made us want to listen; then once you grabbed our attention, you showed us how we could make genuine changes in our daily lives.  All this before you wowed us with the climax the rest of the story.

Nancy Estes 
Executive Director 
Independent Distributors Association 

“Kevin got a standing ovation from a group of educators-that’s incredible. I’ve been doing this conference stuff ten years or more, and I’ve never seen that happen.”

Charles Middleton
Small Business Development
Great Plains Technology Center

I would encourage any organization that is considering you as a guest speaker to call me without delay. I will tell them you are indeed a beneficial and valuable investment for their organization.

Mark D. Thompson
Assistant Executive Director/Marketing
Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau 

Your experiences and presentation brought an absolutely terrific new angle of how tools, techniques and TEAM can be used to not only cope – but to excel – in those sometimes tense situations where delivering high performance is not an optional endeavor.

David Hamilton
Vice President 
ACS Healthcare Solutions

Thank you! You are by far the best speaker I have ever heard. Your presentation was the highlight of the conference and I felt honored to have been there.

Arizona Government Finance Officers Association

As you know in the Quality world, there is little room for error.  The tools and techniques you gave the members of the audience that they can use immediately in that quest for high quality are of great value to Lockheed Martin as a company.  Our investment in you clearly has paid dividends.

Kevin Jones 
Vice President 
Quality & Mission Success 
Lockheed Martin